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About TEASER and the Web App

TEASER (Tool for Energy Analysis and Simulation for Efficient Retrofit) allows fast generation of archetype buildings with low input requirements and the export of individual dynamic simulation models for Modelica libraries AixLib and Modelica IBPSA library It is being developed at the RWTH Aachen University, E.ON Energy Research Center, Institute for Energy Efficient Buildings and Indoor Climate.


Energy supply of buildings in urban context currently undergoes significant changes. The increase of renewable energy sources for electrical and thermal energy generation will require flexible and secure energy storage and distribution systems. To reflect and consider these changes in energy systems and buildings, dynamic simulation is one key element, in particular when it comes to thermal energy demand on minutely or hourly scale. Sparse and limited access to detailed building information as well as computing times are challenges for building simulation on urban scale. In addition, data acquisition and modeling for Building Performance Simulation (BPS) are time consuming and error-prone. To enable the use of BPS on urban scale we present the TEASER tool, an open framework for urban energy modeling of building stocks. TEASER provides an easy interface for multiple data sources, data enrichment (where necessary) and export of ready-to-run Modelica simulation models for AixLib and Modelica IBPS library.

Web App

The Web App simplifies the usage of TEASER as it is accessable with a browser without any installation. Also no previous programming knowledge is necessary. After submitting the parameters of the building it is possible to download a building model based on the Modelica libraries AixLib and Modelica IBPSA library. It is also possible to download a TEASER project file or directly simulate the model online.


This work was supported by the Helmholtz Association under the Joint Initiative “Energy System 2050 – A Contribution of the Research Field Energy”. Parts of TEASER have been developed within public funded projects and with financial support by BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy). The TEASER WebApp were developed during the public funded project "Living Roadmap". We gratefully acknowledge the financial support by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), promotional reference 03ET1352A